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The #1 Cheapest Way To Send A Parcel In Malaysia

Finding the cheapest way to send a parcel in Malaysia is important for both businesses and individuals. Though reliability and speed are also important, you would want to compare the delivery rates among parcel delivery services available in the market to ensure that you get the best deal in delivering the parcels.

iPick is created in 2021 to help small businesses and individuals to get the best price for same-day inter-cities parcel delivery. Its unique business model enables same-day long-distance delivery services at delivery rates as low as RM 0.05 per km. This makes iPick’s same-day long-distance delivery the most affordable in the town.

Why is iPick The Cheapest Way To Send A Parcel In Malaysia?

cheapest way to send a parcel
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iPick is able to provide the cheapest same-day inter-cities delivery services due to its revolutionary parcel delivery ecosystem. iPick matches bus operators and its users who want to deliver parcels to another city. As a result, the existing spaces in the bus transportation system are utilized.

The unique combination of bus transportation services and parcel delivery services enables iPick to radically reduce the delivery rates of same-day inter-cities parcel delivery while maintaining the speed of its inter-cities delivery as fast as 2 hours.

iPick was created with the mission to provide the best values to its users. With iPick, you don’t have to sacrifice speed for cheaper rates, and you don’t have to pay a premium price for same-day delivery.

Cheapest Way to Send a Parcel In Malaysia
Without Sacrificing Reliability

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Low-price parcel delivery services can be secure and reliable under iPick. iPick has an in-built GPS tracking system that allows you and your recipient to track the shipment in real-time. Once you have completed your delivery order, you will receive a tracking number for your shipment. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of your parcels. iPick’s stress-free delivery services have attracted many customers to deliver parcels using iPick repeatedly.

Besides the GPS tracking system, you can also obtain coverage of insurance when you are checking out. The insurance covers the rare situation where the parcels are lost or damaged. We also provide optional bubble-wrap services at our delivery hubs where you can protect the items to be delivered. While iPick has the cheapest same-day inter-cities delivery rates, it is also safe, secured and reliable.

Cheapest Way to Send a Parcel In Malaysia
For Different Parcel Size

ipick delivery app
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iPick allows you to deliver a parcel which weighs up to 20kg per box, and you can send a maximum of 3 boxes per order. Our delivery rates excel for smaller to larger boxes. Sending large and heavy items doesn’t have to be expensive. Buses are capable of storing heavy parcels.

iPick mobile application will show you the full price of the delivery transparently before checking out. There will be no hidden fee for your delivery and you don’t have to worry about any additional charges. Download iPick now and find out how much it cost for you to send your parcels to another city within the same day. No matter what sizes your parcels are, iPick is here to give you the best parcel delivery experience.

Cheapest Way To Send A Parcel In Malaysia
With Unrivalled Flexibility

cheapest way to send a parcel
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For the users’ convenience, iPick allows users to select their preferred delivery date and time in advance just like how a ticket is booked. As a result, you can schedule the delivery in accordance with your convenience.

If time is of great importance to you, scheduling the delivery date and time will save you time as you don’t have to rush and miss out on your preferred delivery date and time. All you need to do is select the departure hub and destination hub, select the departure time, fill in the particulars of the receiver, complete the delivery order, and just drop off the parcel at the departure hub 1 hour before the departure time.

Users’ convenience is of utmost importance to iPick, as iPick embraces continuous improvement and innovation so that we can provide great values and user experience to you.

Cheapest Way To Send A Parcel In Malaysia
With Unrivalled Speed

cheapest way to send a parcel
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iPick focuses on helping those who demand fast and urgent delivery. We understand that in many markets, delivering parcels or documents quickly can make or break a deal. iPick is here for you to provide a speedy delivery with the lowest price possible.

For instance, a law firm needs to deliver legal documents to its client in another city so that the client can execute the documents on the same day. Seafood suppliers need to deliver seafood to restaurants in other cities to ensure that the supplies are still fresh. A child needs to send medicines to his or her parent in another city on the same day.

No matter why you need same-day inter-cities parcel delivery, we provide parcel delivery services that are fast and reliable. You don’t have to worry about not being able to deliver your parcels on time. Have a time-sensitive parcel or document to be delivered? Use iPick.

The Cheapest Way To Send A Parcel In Malaysia

iPick keeps your best interest in mind. With its low delivery rate, fast delivery time, flexible delivery schedule, worry-free delivery with a real-time GPS tracking system, and transparent pricing system, we are fully committed to exceeding your expectations each and every time you use iPick to send parcels.

iPick ensures that you can make an urgent delivery at an affordable price.  Our unique business model which utilizes the sharing economy can help you to save costs. Same-day inter-cities parcel delivery can be affordable. iPick strives to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

iPick No.1 Birthday Surprise Delivery App

iPick is a fast and definitely one of the best in terms of inter-cities parcel delivery app. We are fast and one of the first inter-cities parcel delivery mobile applications that gives you the flexibility to choose when your parcel to be sent out and arrived between cities within hours (same day). Our target market segment: Demand for fast and urgent deliveries. Bus Your Anything Anywhere. Be Different.

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