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We provide the delivery service within the peninsula Malaysia at this moment.

The delivery is normally within few hours depending on the trip selected by the users which will be displayed in the mobile app once you select your trip schedule.

No, this service is temporarily not available. The order must be made and paid by the sender.

No, the order service is not available in the web site. It must be ordered through mobile app.

  • Step 1 : Select your departure and arrival hub.
  • Step 2 : Fill up the parcel details such as dimension, weight, departure date and time. The estimated cost will be displayed. You can select pickup service if needed.
  • Step 3 : Fill up sender and receiver details.
  • Step 4 : Review your order details and select additional services if required.
  • Step 5 : Pay for the order and an order tracking number will be provided.

Yes, the order can only be cancelled and refunded by the hub or iPick two hours before the departure time without any cancellation fee. However, order cannot be cancelled within two hours of the departure time and thus refund will not be given.

Maximum 3 boxes are allowed for one order number. Simply click on the “Add Item” button to add additional box.

No. One order number is valid for one destination (arrival hub) only.

Yes, the cut-off time is 2 hours before the departure time. For instance, you can select any schedule before 12noon if the departure time is 2pm later.

You need to drop off your parcel 1 hour early before the departure time. Otherwise, the parcel will be rejected by hub.

User can track the delivery status through mobile app by inputting the order ID. A SMS notification will be sent to the recipient once the parcel has arrived at the arrival hub (destination).

User is required to provide a six digit code namely One Time Password (OTP) for the hub for verification. Anyone can collect the parcel as long as he has the correct OTP. Please make sure the parcel is correct before leaving the counter.

The parcel must be collected within 24hours after the parcel arrived at the arrival hub (destination). Otherwise there will be a penalty on late collection.

Please contact our customer service for assistance.


You can contact us via hotline or email.

At this moment you can arrange with our operation hub for the bulk order service and it will be implemented through web page in the future.