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Refund Policy

The refund policy (“Policy”) govern your payment while Users use the websites and mobile applications provided by iPick Sdn Bhd (or referred to as “iPick”, “our”, “we” or “us”).

Users are required to make full payment of the User Charges for all services offered in the Application by the method selected at the time of booking, which may be cash, or one of the automated payment methods available to you on the Application. Any payment pursuant to such selection is non-refundable and irrevocable. Automated payment may be made by credit card and or debit card, by iPick Pay, or where available by such other methods as are made available in the Application.

In the event of an incomplete transaction of payment due to unavoidable circumstances between you and the bank, you shall proceed to make a complaint to the bank. iPick shall not be responsible for the failure of the transaction.

Users are not required to pay any fee to the Dispatcher directly (unless expressly stated) and if you do so without prior knowledge, we do not consider it as payment of our Services and we will still charge you for the Services. No refund will bemade for such payment made to the Dispatcher.

Claim on damage/lost to the parcel or its content can only be claimed by the Sender or the representative of the Sender who has been authorised in writing by the Sender. The claim request together with required physical and effective proof and any other necessary documents for damages or lost must be completely filled up and submitted within 24 hours upon receiving of the items. The required documents include but not limited to (a) claim request form (b) Copy of bank account statement (c) Copy of the consignment bill (d) Original tax invoice from Supplier to verify actual price of the content (e) Tax invoice of consignment bill (if have) (f) Copy Identity card of applicant which has been certified true copy or a copy of business registration certificate (SSM) if the claimant is a business entity (g) Insurance claim form and documents required by insurance company (for insured items) (h) Any other required supporting documents. Notwithstanding the claims’ documents listed, the list is non- exhaustive and iPick reserves the right to obtain further documents to facilitate the investigation of the claim request.

Non-cooperation by the Sender such as incomplete submission of documents, breach of the 24hours deadline, non-respond from Sender shall be deemed prejudicial iPick and iPick reserves the rights to reject the claim request.

iPick reserves the right to refuse any claim if the complainant is unable to verify or unable to provide sufficient evidence that the damage/lost occurred under iPick ‘s control.

Limited Liability
For non-insured shipments, iPick shall only be liable for the direct losses for damaged or lost items, but is limited to the following. The actual amount of loss or damage based on the actual value/costs of the contents as stated on purchase invoice of damaged or lost items or a maximum of RM200.00 for the shipments, whichever is lower for each consignment note.