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5 Things You Should Know About Frozen Food Delivery

Frozen food was once considered low quality as there is a myth that frozen food will lose its flavours. However, modern freezing techniques might have made frozen seafood and meat better than those which are not.

With the improvement of technology, frozen food delivery is becoming more and more popular as frozen food can arrive at your home fresher compared to food delivered at its normal temperature, especially when delivering seafood.

If you want to have your frozen food to be delivered to you or your customers, you need to know about these 5 tips so that your food can be delivered effectively and safely.

5 Things You Should Know About Frozen Food Delivery:

  • #1: Consider Same-Day Delivery Services
  • #2: Pack Your Frozen Food
  • #3: Consider GPS Tracking
  • #4: Inspect the Food
  • #5: Frozen Food Delivery is Becoming Popular

Thing #1 About Frozen Food Delivery:
Consider Same-Day Delivery Services

Frozen Food Delivery
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Deliver frozen food to the destination as fast as possible. Even if there is dry ice in the container, the dry ice can only keep the food frozen for as long as 48 hours. Hence, you should choose a parcel delivery service that can help you to deliver the frozen food to your recipient within a day.

What if the recipient is living in another city? Many people think that they have to pay a premium price for same-day inter-cities parcel delivery services. iPick believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice affordability for speed. With iPick, you can deliver your frozen food to another city on the same day with a delivery rate as low as RM.0.05 per km.

iPick is able to reduce its delivery rate by optimizing the existing bus transportation services. By matching bus operators with users who demand fast and urgent delivery, iPick is able to provide a speedy delivery at an affordable price.

Thing #2 About Frozen Food Delivery:
Pack Your Frozen Food

Frozen Food Delivery
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There are certain measures that can be taken to ensure the safe delivery of frozen food. One of the key steps to ensure that frozen food remains fresh is to control the temperature of the frozen food. In other words, keep it cold! It is advisable to use some frozen food packaging equipment to pack the Frozen Food before it was delivered to your recipient.

You can use cardboard, bubble wrap, ice gel or dry ice to keep the temperature low throughout the frozen food delivery. You may also place the frozen food in aluminium foil to keep the frozen food cool during the frozen food delivery.

Nevertheless, frozen food should not be stored at a temperature which is too low, as it might damage the food. The best way to store your frozen food is to ensure that the temperature is consistent throughout the delivery process. Exposure to elevated temperatures may encourage microbial growth.

Thing #3 About Frozen Food Delivery:
Consider GPS Tracking

Frozen Food Delivery
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To ensure that your customers or your business partners can get the frozen food delivered on time, you can consider GPS Tracking. iPick has an in-built GPS tracking system which provides you and your recipient peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of the parcel as the GPS tracking system can show you where the parcel is exactly in real-time. With a GPS tracking system, the parcel delivery experience will be a stress-free process.

Besides, iPick lets you choose your preferred delivery date. If you hate waiting, you can schedule the delivery time ahead. Just drop the frozen food at the departure hub before the departure time. iPick will handle everything afterwards. You don’t have to waste time waiting for your parcels to be delivered.

Thing #4 About Frozen Food Delivery:
Inspect the Food

Frozen Food Delivery
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Once you have received the food products, you should immediately inspect the frozen food to ensure that it has the appropriate colours, size and texture. It is advisable to keep the frozen food packaging sealed unless you are inspecting one among the whole batch of frozen food delivered to your doorstep.

Although frozen food can generally last longer than food that is stored at room temperature, it cannot last indefinitely. The texture of the frozen seafood or meats might change if it was being stored for too long. If there is any change in the food quality, you may contact your frozen food supplier to determine whether the frozen food is still safe to be consumed.

Thing #5 About Frozen Food Delivery:
Frozen Food Delivery is Becoming Popular

Frozen Food Delivery
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Statistics have shown that the frozen food category had grown by 11%. More consumers are consuming frozen food because it can reduce their number of visits to shops. They can bulk buy frozen food and keep them in their refrigerator.

Survey shows that consumers no longer perceive frozen food as an emergency option or a compromise. They agree that frozen food can have the same quality as fresh food. The reason that frozen food is becoming more popular is that shoppers that prefer bulk buy think that frozen food is an effective way of reducing food waste.

Besides, consumers generally think that frozen food is easier to prepare. It is much easier to warm frozen food than to slice up the ingredients themselves. There is no doubt that more and more consumers are open to the idea of preparing meals using frozen food. You can expand your business by providing frozen food delivery to consumers across the country.

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